Friday, 14 June 2013

New - Follow us on Twitter!

As part of our continued drive to engage our students and also provide them with support outside of the classroom, we have joined Twitter! You can now follow us; @fcchistory
We aim to provide A Level students with links, news items, ideas and advice, principally targeting the Unit 2 'Experience of Warfare' course (see our Yr12 sister blog - and the Unit 3 'From Kaiser to Fuhrer' course. We also provide some ideas about leading academics who you can follow. The account also allows you to ask any questions which you might have!

Already we have tweeted about;

Max Hastings' 'controversial' comments regarding the Germany and Austria's role in the outbreak of war in 1914
The Rudolf Hess conspiracy
The Hitler kettle!
The England football team giving the Nazi salute in 1938